Collaboration of Care

"Dr. Alysha, Dr. Vance and the entire team at DSM are extremely dedicated to helping their patients get back to feeling their best. I highly recommend them." 

"Where is the 6 star option??!! Alysha, Vance, Mike and the office ladies are a dream come true! I have been suffering a sports related injury for a little over a year and coming to this office was the best decision I made for my health. My greatest fear was the cost associated with all the treatments and physical therapy back when I hurt my knee playing soccer last summer, so I put off going. Huge Mistake! I wish I would have known sooner the consequences of waiting, but I am sure considering it a major blessing to have found these folks! I shopped around prior to making a decision and Denver Sports Medicine was ultimately the most fairly priced of all I had come across. Not only are they economical, but they also offer packages for even deeper discounts. Alysha and Mike have shown me what I can do to strengthen and condition my knee while Vance has provided pain alleviation through dry needling. I was very skeptical in the chiropractic side of the business, but the team put my worries at ease by allowing me a trial run before going in full fledged. I couldn't imagine meeting greater people and I actually enjoy going to my appointments because I know I am on the right track to a full recovery! Thank you again to all of you!"

"The team at Denver Sports Medicine is a lifesaver! After a car accident I was left with a terrible shoulder injury and body pains rendering my left side pained and weak. Dr Vance's versatile knowledge, insight and skill was crucial to my recovery, and with his Chiropractic work, use of tapes and the amazing dry needling technique he has set me back on the right track! Dr Alysha and the Physical Therapy department saved my range of motion and strength with care, concern and lots of great exercises. The gym was recently updated and has so many great tools to help with recovery! My massage therapist Andrea is incredibly intuitive and skilled at finding the precise spot of discomfort, naming the problem and then working it right out. Just the body work alone saved me through some of my most uncomfortable moments on this journey! Look no further then these incredible professionals to take good care of you!"

"In early April I took on the challenge of joining a group of hikers on a 24-mile, one-day hike from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to the South Rim (Rim to Rim or R2R). I had six months until October 9 to build up my conditioning, endurance, and mileage. The hike was not only long but required climbing 4,500 feet of elevation gain during the last 7-8 miles. I began with 4 and 5 mile hikes, gradually increasing my weekend hiking distance. In June, as my long hikes were over 10 miles, I began to experience soreness in my left knee. In early July, my knee ached for the entire 6 miles of downhill on a 12-mile hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. The following weekend (early July) I was in extreme pain descending the Herman Gulch trail near Eisenhower tunnel. The following morning I could barely walk. My knee hurt when I had weight on it and when I was lying down. No amount of ibuprofen could make it manageable and it clearly was getting worse, not better. Fearing I might have to abandon my R2R goal (not to mention all the training I had already put in), I went to see Dr. Vance Schuring at Denver Sports Medicine. After a thorough exam, he determined that I had no structural damage in my knee, but all of the muscles and tendons were out of balance. Some were so taut that any stretching motion caused pain. Working in combination with physical therapy from Dr. Alysha Schuring, I limped out of my first appointment hopeful that I might be able to continue training. Dr. Vance assured me that I wasn’t going to cause more damage by continuing hiking, so even though I was still in significant pain, I went on my weekly long hike as planned. In my second session with Dr. Vance and Alysha, I felt like my knee made some progress. I was still wearing a compression brace every day and my knee was very weak, but for the first time I felt less pain than I had the week before. I continued seeing Dr. Vance and Alysha for treatment and physical therapy for the next 12 weeks. Each week, Dr. Vance loosened a few more taut tendons and muscles, and over a 4-6 week period I got to where my knee was pain free. He used a combination of dry needling, electrostimulation, and active release techniques, while my time in PT concentrated on stretching, core development, and strengthening balancing muscles in my legs. By the time September came around, I was down to wearing the compression brace only for long hikes, and I only took ibuprofen on long hike days. Throughout September, I put in 24+ trail miles each weekend and remained pain free. It is still remarkable that I went from such extreme pain and difficulty walking to hiking pain free, especially without taking any time off from training. In October, the day of the hike came, and I finished the hike in 11 hours—right in the middle of my goal time range. I was tired and sore from hips to toes, but my knee was great, and I haven’t had any problems since. I could never have continued training and met my goal without the awesome support and work from Dr. Vance and Alysha."

Auto Accident

“The team works so well together to ensure my health and progress. Dr. Vance is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. The physical therapy team is always there to support and challenge me on my road to recovery! Alysha and Allison are awesome! Massage therapists like Andrea are one in a million, she seems to know all the problem spots and gets them all worked out! I love these guys!” 

"This super team of sports rehab professionals who was attentive to my goals after my accident. And as a cyclist and former military, my goals are important to me and my athletic abilities . Dr Vance and his wife are the one two punch to get you back on the bike and back on your feet. They have extensive experience with Olympic athletes and sports professionals. With elite athletics in mind they understand those goals. Thanks!" 

"Bottom line... you want to feel normal again... go here!. I do. I was in an accident and Dr Vance and his team helped me out alot and keep me in line. Just fantastic work done here and I highly recommend this place. When things get out of wack, I book an appointment and good again. Thank you Dr Vance."

"I highly recommend the team at Sports Medicine. They are very knowledgeable and caring. I am so glad to have found them after my motorcycle accident. I have a problem with shifting out of place an Dr. Vance is a miracle worker. I love the friendly and comfortable atmosphere."


"One of the best chiropractors I've ever met."

"Dr. Vance is great. He always takes time to make sure everything is moving the way it should and that you feel better before you walk out the door. I recommend him and his office to everyone!"

Neck Pain

“Alysha is terrific. I saw her for a pinched nerve in my neck due to a compressed disc. It caused pain in my shoulder with numbness radiating down my arm into my thumb and forefinger. Her treatment really focused on my individual symptoms. And since I will always have this compressed disc, she helped me put together a home routine so I can keep up with treatment on my own once I was done with my rehab. While it is a good thing to successfully complete treatment, I have to admit that I miss my sessions with Alysha. I could not give anyone a better recommendation.” 

Lower Back Pain

“Thank you, Dr. Vance Schuring. In less than three weeks, you took me from barely being able to walk upright to finishing a 50 mile trail race. No back pain! I will highly recommend your practice to all of my friends!”

“Dr. Vance, thanks for the adjustments that minimized my leg pain. I am still in hospital awaiting a transplant. When I came in, I could only walk a few hundred yards. But with that combination of the adjustments you did to reduce my leg pain and the heart assist device implanted after I came to the hospital, most days, I walk in the hospital about 4 miles. Without your help, this would not have been possible. The walks condition me for the transplant surgery which is likely in the next 4 months. Hopefully sooner. Your work is part of a set of treatments that ultimately will save my life since being in good condition increases the likely hood of surviving the heart transplant. Thank you.”

"Alysha is absolutely incredible!!! She is so knowledgeable and empowering, and I'm fully recovered as a result of her help!" 

"Had severe lower back spasm issues for several months. I tried additional stretching and other organic therapy which was marginally effective however Vance's treatment put the missing piece in my athletic lifestyle. Since we've started our therapy program all my pain issues have been treated and I like to ski hard. He and Alysha are a perfect complement to the Colorado athletic lifestyle. Good deals for vets!"

Ankle & Foot Pain

"Words cannot relay how helpful and caring Dr. Vance was to me throughout several of my sports-related injuries. During both of my marathon and triathlon training processes, I managed to injure myself. In both cases, Dr. Vance was incredibly attentive, professional and goal-oriented. The work he did with me was absolutely crucial to my recovery. Thanks to his expertise and adjustments, I was able to complete both races! Finishing both races and overcoming those obstacles are moments I look back on with pride and accomplishment! I have Dr. Vance to thank for his hard work, positive attitude and unbelievable healing powers! I would highly recommend him for any kind of sports-related injuries, or if you need help with any kind of pain from everyday life." 

Knee Pain

"The staff at Denver Sports Medicine is incredible! Everyone I worked with was personable, helpful, and knowledgeable and made it clear that they were concerned in my well being as both an individual and an athlete. I had been dealing with an IT Band issue, and the staff worked with me over a period of 6 weeks to get me back to pain-free running in time to complete my race. I cannot recommend Denver Sports Medicine enough!"

Shoulder Pain

"About a year ago I took a spill on my snowboard and really messed up my shoulder. I thought I should tough it out and that only exacerbated the problem. After weeks of pain I decided to do something about it and I went to Denver Sports Medicine. Dr. Vance and Dr. Alysha took incredible care of me. The Schurings do an excellent job of taking care of their patient and seeing them as people in need of care rather than just a person with symptoms. With the care and treatment that I received at Denver Sports Medicine I was able to make a full recovery. If you are in need of an excellent chiropractor or need some physical therapy work done please don't wait like I did call Denver Sports Medicine today."

Sports Injuries

"Great service, affordable and extremely effective. Dr. Vance has personally helped me significantly with a sports injury of my own, I'd recommend everyone to check out all these professionals have to offer." 

"These guys are awesome! Aggressive is their treatments so you can recover quickly (and almost painless)! As a cyclist and active person Dr. Vance and his team have been great and got me back!" 

“The time Hazel worked with you was such a gift. The misfortune of injury brought the fortune of getting to know you/having all your expertise and care. We will be forever grateful to you.”


"Denver is so lucky to get Dr. Vance. I am devastated to lose him. He made it possible for me to walk during my pregnancy.Amazing chiropractor!!!!!!!!"