Physical Therapy

Denver Sports Medicine provides the highest quality physical therapy in the Denver area. Our wellness center specializes in pain elimination treatment for all types of injuries. If you are suffering from knee pain, shoulder pain, spine pain, or any another ailment, Denver Sports Medicine is the answer.

Physical therapy is a comprehensive program encompassing exercise, stretching, manual therapy, and more. Your specific program depends on the needs of your body, the history of your injury, and your current fitness level. Our clinicians will educate you on what's going on with your body and the best course of treatment that you need to get you back to what you enjoy.

While treatments vary, they typically include a series of exercises for strength, stretches for durability, and manual treatments for healing. For example, patients suffering from knee pain are put through a specific program designed to develop lower body strength, core strength, and to restore full range of motion. The better support you have for your knee joint, the less likely you are to experience pain and injury.

As with any recovery, you will have homework to do. Healthy eating, icing, and plenty of rest are essential to the healing process. Feel free to ask us for suggestions on how to avoid injury in the future and if there are any adjustments you should make to your normal routine.

Physical Therapists, Dr. Alysha Schuring and Dr. Kelly Lovely, work closely with Physical Therapy Assistant, Mike Marsall, to provide a well-rounded approach to physical therapy.  The clinicians utilize their strengths of practice and often work together to collaborate care to get patients feeling better as soon as possible. 

Our physical therapists have their Doctorates in Physical Therapy and Dr. Alysha Schuring has futhered her education by becoming an orthopedic clinical specialist and a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner. Our therapists can help you achieve all your health related goals from pain elimination, improving strength or range of motion, to improve sports performance. Conservative options such as physical therapy are imperative to avoid unnecessary medications and dangerous procedures.

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