Student Specials

Denver Sports Medicine is a great choice for students and student athletes! We are proud to not only treat students from these schools, but we participate in guest lecturing, sports physicals, community volunteer opportunities, speaker panels and donation of time and services.  On the high school & college level, we spend time with club and varsity sports teams teaching injury prevention, taping techniques and working with sport-specific injuries.

Student Specials:

  • Student Adjustments are always $10 off.

Exam Week Massages:

  • $10 off  *tell us it’s exam week when you make your appointment

Exam Week Adjustments: 

  • Additional $10 off!  [*tell us it’s exam week when you make your appointment]


  • Thank you and surprise gift!

We treat our students well and will bend over backwards to help you out.  We were all students for a very long time and we value education.  Well-adjusted and relaxed students are better able to concentrate, retain information and do better in school.  Adjustments also help you sleep better and de-stress.  Check us out and let us help you through school!

Call today for an appointment!  720-440-3979.