About Us

Denver Sports Medicine is the re"Schuring" approach you have been looking for.  We believe the best way to get results is to consider our patient’s complete wellness. Our goals are your goals!  Whatever they are, we look at what treatments are needed for your specific situation. This means incorporating sports medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy and massage.

We understand that everyone and not just athletes put specific demands on their bodies. That’s why we understand that whether you’re a high profile athlete of just a weekend warrior, everyone’s bodies are different. Without this understanding, we would lack the foresight to prepare your body for certain movements and prevent future injury. Our experienced team works together to create a comprehensive recovery system, unlike anything you have ever seen before. You will be guided step by step until you are performing better than you did before!

Unlock your potential at Denver Sports Medicine! No matter your sport or profession, there is a unique treatment program waiting for you. Do not leave your health to chance or for just anyone!  Trust our re"Schuring" approach for your health!

Contact us at 720-440-3979 and schedule your initial consultation today!